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Digital X-rays are safer, faster, more accurate and easier on the environment than traditional X-rays.


Many patients have expressed concern about radiation exposure when receiving their dental X-rays. While they have wanted the diagnostic benefit of an X-ray, they have not wanted the radiation exposure. Digital X-rays eliminate that worry. Compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by as much as 85%. 


A digital X-ray is available instantly for emailing to an off-site clinician or specialist for consultation, speeding up your diagnosis or consultation time. 


Digital X-rays are more accurate. We are able to enlarge images and enhance the contrast to your digital X-ray, making it easier to see and diagnose any problems. In addition, these enhancements make it easier for you to see the problem.

The traditional X-ray film development process requires the use and disposal of toxic chemicals. No chemicals are needed for digital X-rays, making it easier on the environment. This dental office it pleased to announce that we have converted to digital radiography for an X-ray system that is safer, faster, more accurate and easier on the environment.

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